Add an option to exclude specific branches or topics from task roll-up

Alex G. shared this idea 2 years ago
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It would be helpful to have the ability to exclude specific branches or topics from task roll-ups, much as you can optionally exclude topics from filters or SmartRules.

One example of where this would be useful is where you have a set of topics which represent a checklist of items, for example, a shopping or task list. Even if you set up such a list with just the progress markers and no due dates, MindManager will regard the items on the list as tasks; if the map is then rolled up the due date on the parent topic will be deleted and any relationships will also be affected.

I have described one workaround for this on my blog, which essentially involves using alternative icons as ticked and unticked boxes. This means that the items are not regarded as tasks and the parent topic task info is not overridden (I also describe how to use formulas and SmartRules to indicate on the parent topic when the list is completed). While this approach has certain aesthetic and practical advantages it would be much simpler in most cases if the roll-up facility could just be turned off.

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Another example I’ve just thought for which this facility might be useful is where a task or sub-branch is part of a specific branch organisationally but its progress is has to be measured in another branch. If the topic or sub-branch could be excluded from the overall roll-up, it could then be linked to the relevant branch using formulas and SmartRules in a similar approach to that described in my article.