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We are a law firm user of Mindmanager and historically focused on Microsoft work integartions.

We are evolving our use of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 and evaluating tools to support legal prjoect management from within Office 365.

We want to preserve our use of visual communication and project manager and activate the task and project management capabilities of Mindmanager.

We are concerned at the releiance on outlook for task management. What plans are there for Mindmanager to support Micrtosoft Planner for task storage and syncronisation?

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I also am concerned with the reliance on outlook for task management and my company (power & gas utility) is also evolving our use of MS Teams and Office 365. We have Mind Manager but its use is peripheral and limited within the company. We are being encouraged to use MS Planner. If Mind Manager was well integrated with the Planner app (similar to functionality of Outlook) it would be more likely that employees would adopt Mind Manager in their project management tools


The main problem about this is, that Planner is not open for other tools ūüôĄ

Even within the Microsoft world you can't synchronize between Outlook tasks and Planner tasks in an easy and smooth way.

It can work using the App MS Lists in Office 365 and create a Flow (PowerAutomate). I did a test environment to synch between MindManager, Teams, To-do and Planner. It worked for me.

Hard thing is to design all the fields that Planner understands. That has nothing to do with the "old" SharePoint-list Tasks.

A Planner-Sync with MindManager should become very important. Please Team put it on the list - Prio 1


As we are a law firm, I propose adding a Mindmanager / Actionstep / Planner sync to the upgrade List. Task based approaches ot work definition are quickly becoming a vital competence in dealing with Hybrid workplaces. The need for a general cross application task repository is an important as accounting (e.g. Xero) and Documents (e.g. Adobe Document cloud).


It is good to see that Task based approaches are coming into action -again- .

MindManager had invested in a wonderful task tool already in 2011 called Cohuman.

There is no reason why they should not introduce this again in the current cloud based functionality.







Now I know that there is a lot more video's for you to see the huge benefit

I also know that we have already brought some stuff like the KANBAN view into MindManager

And, and.... But I still believe that when you see this attached explainer video, you will agree that we should re-use the investment MindMnagaer did in this approach and product.

What do you think????


Hi Ary,

thank you to remind us to Cohuman. It's a shame that this great tools is gone ūüė≠

We loved to work with the Mindjet Tasks in our team. Our quality management was based on it.

It was really good.


I think we now have to start rethinking tasks form the perspective of running a hybrid  workforce across an enterprise and not just for a person or within a small team.

So tasks need to be managed at a whole of organisation level and work across multiple applications.

The information. Security infrastructure around Azure and O365 is also attractive.

Tasks are quickly becoming the work unit of our law firm and the task structure in Planner provides a solid foundation for this work.

As MindManager is already a Microsoft tilted platform, its seems that the experience of working with Cohuman could easily be adapted to Planner and Teams; if Microsoft will play ball.

This all seems like a discussion about a future a way away.

My COO is however copied for good order.

In the short term Mindmanager is assigned to a narrow functional responsibility in our law firm.

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