Create a test user in the license portal

Andreas L. shared this question 8 months ago
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I need to create test user for 30 days for a project. Some of them will turn into a full user within the testing period.

How can I as the admin create a test user in the license portal. I don't want the user itself to create a test account!

Thank you.

Regards, Andreas

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Hi Andreas,

I think I need a better understanding of what you mean by "test user" and "full user."

If you have unused seats on your license, you can assign them to the email address of your "test users," then you can deactivate them after 30 days if you choose to which will allow you to reuse those seats for someone else.

Does that help?


Hi Sia,

my client has used all the seats. Now he wants to add a group of new trial users. They do not have a license and the admin don't want them to create their own user. The admin has to create their users.

If some of these new users don't want to work with MindManager after the test period of 30 days, they user should be deactivated.

For those users they want to work with MindManager the admin will buy a license.

At the moment it's not possible to create trial users for 30 days directly from the license portal.

Best, Andreas