Ist there a way to view a map in MS teams (read only) without a license?

Tarek R. shared this question 2 years ago

The project management of a large project uses Mindmanager to manage the project roadmap. They want to share the most recent roadmap with the team. There is no need to collaborate on the roadmap with the team, since no one except the project managers should edit it. Consequently only these three persons have a MM license. However it is important to be able to show the most recent version of the roadmap to the team via a tab in MS Teams for reference purposes even without buying a full license for every team member.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Thanks an kind regards,

Tarek Radjeb

Gruner + Jahr GmbH, Germany

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Hi Tarek,

If your company is in the Enterprise program we have an upcoming solution for this scenario. Otherwise the map can be shared as a published file but doing it this way is less secure because the published version will not require the appropriate Teams/SharePoint permissions to view it.


True, but the published version can be password protected. Alternatively it could be exported and shared as a read-only HTML5 map.