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Roy M. shared this question 14 days ago


Is it possible to click on a topic in the map and then have the linked topics highlighted and/or the others greyed out? I need this for a complex map with a lot of relations and when you want to know where topic is related with in 1,2,3th degrees. (like the online KUMU tool does)

If possible we will certainly buy Mindmanager!!

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MindManager is developed to support mindmapping.

The function you request is based on conceptmapping

There is an option in MindManager to create concept maps (at least in the windows version, there is a conceptmap template)

You can check if this offers enough functionality for your purpose.

If not, you can look for a tool designed specific for conceptmaps.

Bear in mind, you will NOT have the benefits of Mindmapping.

I looked at the KUMU tool. It's nice, but....

If you want to go for conceptmapping like that, I suggest you look at TheBrain since that is a lot more advanced in options.


Thanks you for the response. The concept maps does not provide the functionality I need.

Thanks for the tip for TheBrain, I will look into that, seems well at first sight.

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