How to Sync map parts and templates between two computer?

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Hi all,

I notice that map parts and template etc are stored in folders under:


How do people keep the templates and map parts etc in sync between 2 or more computers?

Would a symlink to OneDrive folder work? For example create a Backup folder on Onedrive and use a symlink on each computer to point to it. I might have that the wrong way around.

I can also think of a public domain syncing program that will automatically keep folders in sync without the need for Onedrive.

I also suppose that a shared directory on a network would work but it is not so helpful if we would want to use a notebook in an external location to create or adapt a map part or template.

I have not found away to set a new default within Mindmanager like I can for the My Maps Folder. I keep all my maps under this folder in OneDrive/Documents/My Maps and can use them from any computer if needed. However the template etc are linked to the local user and are not easily kept in sync. For example, I can make a template or store a map part while in the loungeroom with my notebook but it is not available on my office desktop in my home office.

I am trying to find a reason why those folders need to be in those locations.

A common folder would also help when upgrading to a new version of Mindmanager. That way you could easily include/transfer established templates to the new version without much fuss.


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Hello Rennie

You could use a Package Folder stored in a synchronised location, either synced with OneDrive or something like Dropbox.

A package folder is a set of subfolders laid out in the same structure as the MindManager library, and can contain templates, map parts, icons, images and so on. They are configured at File > Options > Package Folders. Package Folders appear in the browser windows in the library and map parts task panes.

For me this is one of the most under-rated and under-used features of MindManager. I have mine set up so that frequently used content for MindManager is available on all my computers.


Thanks so much Nick,

Hope things are going well in your part of the world. We are into a hideously long Lockdown due to Covid Delta outbreak. Its been going since the end of June and looks like continuing until November. Government is trying to get Vaccination rates to 80% after dropping the ball on ordering vaccine last year. Unfortunately some groups are copping it worse than other on both the health and economic side of things. Luckily I can work from home.

Well I didn't even realise the Package Folder option existed. Tried it last night an can report that it works well. We still have to manually transfer our favorite templates and map parts etc to be available else where but it certainly works.

I also looked and soft and hard symlinks and will test that further as it should allow for a synchronised back up as well as a way of ensuring changes on one computer will show up on the other. Probably wise to set OnDrive to keep the folder on your computer rather than only in the cloud. However you will need to be careful you understand the logic behind it and the limitiations of hardlinks. You could accidentally delete all the files in the folders you are targeting. I use Directory Opus and that handles these links natively and if you delete the folder then it will show that it is the link and not the folder. The concept is a hidden gem in Windows and is used to make older software with hardcoded folder structures able to work on more modern operating systems.

I have another option to test too. Syncthing is a pretty cool option and free. It allows us to sync between two folders in the back ground. so when you come home from work it automatically compares versions and uploads or downloads differences. This may be the way to do it without changing anything with the default folder structure. Plus it allows a complete backup independent of OneDrive and could be a good security measure for sensitive maps and documents.


Hope this adds to the body of knowledge and helps others maintain their MM setups across computers, workplaces and versions.



Thanks Rennie. Syncthing looks very interesting and I shall try it out.

Best regard


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