Protection: HTML5 exported notes of map against right click

Julien B. shared this idea 2 years ago
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Some publications could need more protection against theft of intellectual property (ex. for high textual density HTML5 files).

Even if this idea is not an absolute way to secure, it would surely decrease this risk with few dev. effort :

  1. MM dev: protect the exported file against the right click on topics's notes copy/paste risks on this kind of files.
  2. User: a check box option to check before the HTML5 export.

File set on "no-downloadabled" on servers + this technical function used on a HTML5 exported map would surely enable to Mindjet to target new prospects...

Thanks for your taking into account

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I understand what you’re trying to do, but there are several ways around this. For example, you could take screen shots of selected topic notes, save as a PDF and then apply OCR.