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Cleo H. shared this question 15 days ago

Hi everyone,

I use different font styles inside the same topic (SEE IMAGE EXAMPLE)

Every time I have to do it all over, I can’t use Topic styles because the content and the structure inside the topic is never the same,

Is there anything like swatches for the colors I normally use?

Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks a lot,

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Hi Cleo,

We don't have font color swatches and you are correct that topic styles won't work for more than one font color.

A work around for this is to create rectangle shapes on your map background with the colors you want to use, then select the text, choose the eyedropper tool and click the color you want.



Hi, That could work for now thanks Sia,

Do you know if there is any chance on a near future for that?

Don't get me wrong I could not live without MindManager, and sorry for my ignorance but how a software from the same corporation from CorelDraw among others is it so hard to do this things?

Thanks Sia for your time

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