Replace lots of icons at once, is it possible?

Cleo H. shared this question 4 months ago

Hi, I have a map with a lot of icons applied from the Icon Group (A).

Now I made new Icon Group (B) with new icons and I like to migrate some of the icons from the Icon Group (A) and replace some of the icons,

The thing is that it doesn’t work to modify and change the icon in the Icon Group (A) because I need the icon to be in the Icon Group (B).

The option to right click on the icon on the topic and “Replace with” doesn’t work either because it changes them one by one and I have hundreds of icons to change.

Does anyone have a miraculous solution?

Thanks a lot for your time

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Hello Cleo

Does "hundreds of icons" mean hundreds of icons, or hundreds of topics with a few icons that need changing? If the latter, then the following will speed things up.

If we call the old icon in group A "Icon A" and its replacement in Group B "Icon B":

  • Right-click on Icon A in the map index and apply a quick filter on just this icon
  • Click on Icon B in the map index, which applies Icon B to all selected topics
  • Click on Icon A in the map index, which removes Icon A from all selected topics
  • Now you can remove the filter and delete Icon A from its group, as there should be no topics with this icon.


Hi Andreas, This could work half way, because I don’t want to delete the Icon A from de Group A just replace it from the topic with an icon B from the group B. I will use "remove from topic", the firs part done.

The problem now is that I need this icon be the firs icon in the topic, and with this method it inserted it the last.

This is way faster that change them one by one, it would be cool just to replace them all together without lose the position in the topic, is there a way to do that?

Thanks again for your time


I am not aware of any way to control the order in which icons are displayed on a topic. Adding or removing icons could change their order at any time.


Hi Cleo,

you can change icon in the marker list


Work around

menu Advanced - Select (instead of Power Filter)

Choose the icon you want to change - Select all topics with that icon and add an new one to the topics and/or remove the old one

To rearange the icons in the marker list go to the icon view

Regards Andreas

PS: you should come into one of my beginners trainings ;-)


Work done, thanks a lot!!

The second part to arrange the icons inside the topic I had to do it manually, but the firs part to replace the icons was so quick,

FYI there were 324 topics with the icons I had to replace,

That’s why I’m always insisting on having the maxim customization power, because I’m always updating things, the maps are alive and in constant change, that is why use MindManager instead of a paper, and MindManager is by far the best software of this kind,

Thanks a lot for your time