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Cleo H. shared this question 2 years ago
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Hi everyone,

I need some of your knowledge to illuminate my path, my maps are huge, and I’m having trouble to navigate through them.

I need to have something that’s always within reach like the markers or elements, some shortcuts, I tried to do it with tags and It works but I don’t want to see the index tags in that elements, and if I hide the tags I hide automatically all the tags,

is there way to navigate fast through the map?

Thanks a lot for your time and patience with the not so bright ones like me,

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Hi, I think I have a solution, I made an Icon group, and I put a number in front of each topic, then I sort the markers from A-Z and if I add a new topic I just change de number in front of the topic and it will be ordered correctly on the markers, for now this is working for me,

For the sublevels




and so on

The only problem is that I have to have a marker inside the topic, and put a number in front of each topic,

What do you think about this solution?


Hello Cleo

Most of my maps have a handful of go-to topics that are visited more often than the others. I use the blue heart icon from the hearts group to mark favourites, then they are grouped together in the marker index. It greatly speeds up the use of maps, but does add an icon to the topic.

A more complex solution that would not show up in the map would be to add a comment to favourite topics, and hide comments in the View > Show/Hide menu. You can see a list of topics with comments in the Elements tab in the map index task pane. You might be able to hijack other elements for this purpose instead.

Earlier versions of MindManager had a "bookmark" feature but I think it has long since been superseded by the Marker Index.


Hi Nick and Cleo,

Actually the bookmark feature lives on in the form of labels, which can be used for this purpose. In fact I wrote an article a few years ago on my blog regarding the use of both labels and comments to do this exact thing. Each option has its pluses and minuses, but both can be used in the same map; they can also be hidden in the map using Show/Hide and the power filter can be used to find topics with either attribute.


Thanks Alex. I am likely to make myself look like an idiot here, but I failed to find Labels in the Insert tab in MM20 or 21. They are still in the View > Show/Hide menu though.


That's funny - it shows up on my Insert tab. Interestingly when I go to the Customise the Ribbon dialogue box it shows up under the Insert Tab as "Labels (Custom)". I certainly have no memory of setting up such a customisation (see image) so I don't know how it got there. The shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-F5 so you could try that.

I wonder what happens if you open an old map (if you have one) which contains labels.

Edit: it may just be a matter of adding it from the Commands Not in the Ribbon list in the Customise menu (for some reason it appears both there and in the ribbon on my version).

If you can add it by customisation please let me know and I'll update my article to note this.



Ah yes, it is under "Commands not in the ribbon" so needs to be added from there. Thanks Alex.

Cleo, if you use the Labels solution, you get a little index of the labels in your map when you click on the Label command. When you click on a label, MindManager jumps to the topic with that label.


Also you can search for all topics with labels using the Power Filter.



Sorry for not answering sooner but I couldn’t check your answers,

Is there a way to anchor the label floating window? Then it will be perfect for this

thanks a lot

I really learned a lot with your comments, thanks a lot for your time!!