All my maps have been moved to OneDrive. How can I exchange the new links in all of my maps?

Nesch, V. shared this question 10 months ago

All my maps have been moved from my harddisc from one folder to OneDrive. It would be a desaster if I had to update all the links by hand...

How can I exchange the Link Path for all of the links at once?

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Find and Replace can be used to edit links.


Hi Nick,

thanks for your help.

But it is still a lot of work after 14 Years of managing my work with Mindmanager...

I had the hope that there was an easier way to get around editing all of the links ;-)


Yes, 14 years of maps a lot of work :(

A custom macro could do this quickly. Someone somewhere must have done this before and if not, it would be a good thing to do.