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I wish to create a link file that will actually open that file within an external program like AmiBroker. Linking the file works fine but only opens an external txt type file.

Editing and saving is OK, but because it's not within the AB program, it does not take advantage of colour coding or error checking.

Using AutoCAD years ago, we wrote script files that accessed an external file within it's own program.

Can MM access files through other programs apart from Microsoft

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It is a bit of extra configuration but for MindManager for Windows you can do the following:

  • Instead of a direct link to the file, add a link to the AmiBroker executable in Program Files or Program Files (x86)
  • In the hyperlink dialogue, click "Advanced..."
  • In the "Command Options" box put the path and name of the text file that you want to edit. If the path name contains spaces, put the whole thing inside quotes.

Now when you click on the hyperlink, it will open AmiBroker and AmiBroker will open the text file specified in the command options. It might be convenient to add two hyperlinks to a topic, one that goes straight to the text file (and opens in the default text file handler) and one that opens it in AmiBroker.


Thanks Nick,

That was the sort of thing I remember that worked years ago. I tried your suggestion but hit a wall where the link opens the AB program. It doesn't directly link the AB file in the AB's Formula Editor. I think what you are alluding to is to open an application that is an executable program and a derivative of the main program. I contacted AB forum and got a reply from the owner himself. I'd wondered whether the Formula Editor could be separated from AB by subscription.

"It is not about license. It is just about integration. Formula Editor does more than just editing files, it has integrated debugger that is, for example, capable of displaying values of STATIC variables. Static variables live in AmiBroker process memory. If formula editor was separate program, it would not be able to access static variables in AmiBroker process memory.

Hopes this all makes some sense, with you not being familiar with AB,

Ah well, Looks like I'll have to work around it. Not impossible, just inconvenient.

Thanks again.


Hello Ron

I had assumed that AmiBroker was an executable that could be called with a target file in the command line, like most other Windows applications. If this is not the case, then maybe the main executable has a command line syntax that will open a target file in its formula editor? If it does then this could be included in the Command Options in a MindManager link, If not then I don't think there is much that MindManager can do without getting more complex, such as writing a macro that opens AmiBroker and sends keys to it to launch its formula editor.