Have an additional task complete button (Please answer)

neil n. shared this idea 2 years ago
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I kwon you already have the pie circle with 4-5 clicks needed that's good and I deal for process or multitasks.

A Square, empty and tick is needed to cover the Ones and Zero decisions we make more often.

Many clicks takes our mind of the yes no or done or not done aspect of our mind set most of the time

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There are a couple of workarounds for this:

  • The Icon Views have a handy "Mark Done" button to set a task to complete
  • If your map contains only checklist tasks, you can edit the Progress icons in the Map Index to remove the intermediate values, leaving just 0% and 100%. You can then set a task topic to complete in one click of the icon.


In addition, if you would like to use alternative icons for yes/no checklists, you could set up a custom icon group with just two icons - a green tick and square brackets, which as far as I can tell is the closest that MM gests to an empty tick box (see example below). Alternatively, you could import your own icons. Make sure the group is set to Mutually Exclusive.

With this icon group open in the Map Index it takes only one click to add either icon to a topic, and you can switch from the brackets to the tick just by clicking in the topic on the icon. To speed things up you could save a topic with default text and the empty brackets as a Map Part which you can add to a map from the Map Parts pane with a single click.



Another option is to use the ticked and unticked Alpha checkboxes that are provided along with the alphabet icons. The most realistic (albeit somewhat subdued) checkboxes are those in the Alpha white set.1f036d84712ff5d358203e8701e530e9