Make text styles available in notes, in the same fashion as topic styles are available for the map

Alga shared this idea 15 months ago
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- For documenting procedures, projects status, etc... in maps, I am probably not the only one to have my own personnal color code that I always use for topic styles, for example for 'To do' items, 'ongoing', 'Done', 'Not applicable', 'important', etc....

- I have my same sets of topic styles then, that I use in every map, so that at a glance I immediatly know what's done, etc...

- But!!! In topics' note, I would also like to be able to easily use the SAME COLOR CODE I use for topics... Because in notes text, there are also parts of the 'text' that are 'done', 'to be done', 'not applicable', etc...

-> But unfortunalety to color a selected text part in a note, with a specific color that is not available in the standard colors, I have to pick the color I want first from the topic style for example, then it can be used to color the text string that i selected in a note.

- This to say: it's many, many clicks that could be avoided if only I could save 'TEXT STYLES' available in my notes, in the same fashion as topic styles are available for topics.

- I already submited the idea during some MM surveys that I filled in the past but the idea obviously never was implemented, nor any feedfback received fpor the suggestion. Pleaaaaaase MM development team.... !

- In the meantime, via MM macros, unfortunately I could not find an easy way to apply the style I want to the currently selected text in a note. As far as I know there is no method to do that, instead the text as to be manipulated as rich text.

- If anyone knows or has macro code that could be used to just apply the a desired background and foreground color to the text currently selected in a note, that would be very nice.



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yes, please update the old RTF-Editor 😎