Update the Map Parts in various maps

Cleo H. shared this question 2 years ago
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Hi, I’m starting to use more and more the topic Properties and I love it, I’m creating various configurations and I need to use them in other maps, so I thought that the only way I know is to do a Map part. It works perfect but the problem is if I have to update something. If I right click and modify it works and updates just this map part.

Is there a way that I modify the original and updates all the once I inserted in different maps? please say that there is a way!!

I attached three images to illustrate my problem, I hope it help to understand my problem

Thanks a lot to all for your time and patience with the new ones,

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If you are using MindManager for Windows, the MAP add-in from Olympic may be what you need.



I think this is a good idea but since each instance of a map part is editable, I'm not sure how it would work if you've edited the map parts and then update the source. Would you expect that it would just replace all the edited map parts with a new one from the source? Would it ignore updating map parts that have been edited? Thoughts?



I was checking the add-in you propose Nick and I don’t get how this would work, that’s another level of MindManager that I don’t have,

Can it be done?

thanks for your time