Update the Marker Group icons in various maps

Cleo H. shared this question 2 years ago

Hi, I hope this has an easy solution, but I’m incapable to fins a solution by myself, please I need some help.

I’m in a point on my MindManager journey that I have to start to do the things the right way. Until today I was just using Marker Lists as a backup, but I really have to understand how this work.

I’m going to do an example to illustrate my problem:

I have a map with a Marker Group called SWOT Analysis with 4 icons related to this group. ( IMAGE_01.png)

Imagine I like to use this group in another map, at this point I have various options, copy the Marker Group do a Marker Lists, etc…

I can copy the Marker Group and go the new map and Paste Marker Group, this it paste the Marker Group, ok. For now that’s ok but imagine I have done this in 30 different maps and now I realize I need to change the Strengths icon and I would like to update it in all the 30 different maps I inserted that Marker Group.

I tried various methods to update/refresh the icons on that Marker Group and always end with the same result ( IMAGE_02.png).

I’m always updating my Marker Group and I need to find a way to update all the changes at once on all the maps, is there a way to do that?

Thanks a lot for your time,

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To change an icon that is already used, go to the Map Index task pane, right-click on the icon and click "Modify". You can then choose a different icon, and MindManager will change all the topics in the map where it is used. The old icon should not be orphaned as you show in Image02.

However, I don't know of a method of automatically doing this across multiple maps. The icons, which are part of the Map Marker set, is included in a template, or can be saved as a Map Marker list and applied to existing maps, but I don't think that is any quicker than making the above change.


Hi Cleo,

the marker list is stored in the map, based on the list from the used template and can not be updated by a specific list. Therefore a data base would be necessary.

You could create your own Marker-Lists for different situations. So you can assign and change a marker list very easy when ever it is needed.

Regards, Andreas



The problem with me is that I’m constantly updating everything as I work, and right now with MindManager this is a problem for me, because I don’t have any map with the same exactly markers.

I hope they fix it in the future, I still love this software and I wouldn’t change it for any other,


Hi Cleo,

you can create as many marker-templates as you like and activate them in the map you need. I'm using different list for myself.


My personal Marker-Lists


ONE-Standard marker-template the rules every map wouldn't work.