How can im importe an excel file which I have exportet just before?

HW shared this question 10 months ago

I have exportet a project task list to excel because a lot of user don´t have access to mindmanager. Then I asked my team to add and to update in the excel the tasks. Now I will import the updated excel to mindmanager to get an updated Gantt. How can I do this update? With the excel mapper it don´t run.... Thanks in advance

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The CSV export from the Gantt chart is for creating project reports, and there is no function for importing it back to the map. It does not contain all of the information that may have been on a topic, and is not designed to be compatible with the general purpose import and export for Excel. In reality this would require a synchronisation with Excel, as the map may have changed since the export. This is an interesting idea and might be worth adding this to the suggestions area of this site.


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Adding on to Nick's reply - one possible solution would be to import your excel file to Microsoft Project and then import the Project file in MindManager.

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And another suggestion...

Maybe you can use the Publish option to inform your colleages that still have no MindManager.

And / or use co-edit to gather there input.



why are you not successfull with the Excel Data Mapper? What's the problem?

I do this regularly and it works perfect. Have a look at this video. It's in German, but you'll see the important settings

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