Enable to Apply Different Layout for Child Topic(s) That is Different From its Parent.

Kusmayadi K. shared this idea 12 months ago
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I've been longing for this kind of customization for my maps. It's already a common feature adopted by the competitor.6c3be256504f9cd23f3436a5d053a6cd

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You can apply layouts to individual main topics in a MindManager map which are different to the central topic, and also apply layouts to subtopics which differ from their parents.

Therefore you can mimic the layouts under Members and Demands in the example map. However, what you can't do is reproduce the matrix layout shown under Schedule. I think this could be a really useful format to add to MindManager map formatting options, and in fact there is a wide range of other map layouts which should also be incorporated.


Yes, for only several layouts. I am aware that if you make a map, you can change the central topic layout into Right Map, Tree, Split Tree, Adaptive Map, Org Chart, Up Org Chart, Split Org Chart, Flowchart, Timeline, and Vertical Timeline.

But when it comes to Main Topics (and its children/descendants) the layout option is very limited. It is only possible to apply Map, Tree, and Org Chart layouts, unlike the central topic. This also the case for Freeform map template that has no central topic. For example, I can't change the main topic layout into a timeline which is inconvenient.

It is true that there are a wide range of map layout that yet built into MindManager such as Tree Table (like you've seen above), Fishbone (not the workaround version as seen in the Problem Solving templates), Bubble Canvas, Bubble Map, Sector Map/Radial Map, Winding Timeline, etc.

Also, the Gantt Pro display interface is really outdated and fell behind among the others. I know that MindManager is built to suite the needs of data savvy people. It is fully functional, but it wont hurt to improve the UX afterall, beautiful and practical at the same time.

Checkout this and this.