I am not able to copy and paste as image a mas (flow chart)

Juan M. shared this question 3 years ago

When I try to paste a flow chart diagram into PPT, or other soft, as image. Only one of the topis is pasted. If I paste as a text, the full map is pasted, but as image just one topic.

Mind manager 20. A map with 30 topics, Select all, copy and paste as.. bitmap--> It does not work at all

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Hello Juan,

This behavior is due to Flowchart topics in MindManager being free-form and not having a hierarchy like regular Map layouts. One suggestion is to export your Flowchart in MindManager as an Image and then add it to your PPT slides.

In MindManager , Go to File>Export>Image, choose the desired image type and then specify the output quality in the Image Export Settings dialogue.