Unable to send MindManager topics to Outlook

JamesAK shared this question 11 months ago
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I have a large map in which I had sent topics to an old Outlook profile. I need to send these topics to a new Outlook profile and as I have successfully done in the past, I went to disconnect those topics in the old map, expecting to easily send them to the new one. This was not the case.

I disconnected the Outlook topics in MM but when I went to send them to Outlook both the "Send Items to Outlook" and "Microsoft Outlook as Tasks" options are greyed out (i.e. unavailable).

I successfully sent a newly-created topic across. Disconnected it from Outlook in MM and got the behaviour above when I try to re-send it.

Deleted the task in Outlook and tried resending from MM - same again. Have also run the MM Repair in Control Panel to no avail.

Any ideas?



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Er, 10 days and no response.

This is no critical as it's holding up work.


It is sometimes easy to forget that these Community pages do not always yield answers.

Got in touch with Support and had my answer within hours:

"When topics are sent to Outlook, the custom property 'status' is created. When you break the link to Outlook, this property remains on the topic. This is what is preventing the task to be sent to Outlook. Simply remove the custom property 'status' and the 'send to Outlook' option should be active again".

I've thanked them for their response but have also asked: "Is there a good reason for why the the custom property 'status' is not automatically removed when a topic is disconnected from Outlook?".