Problems with saving of files on Mac big Sur / MM13

Christian L. shared this question 11 months ago

since "call home" from MM to check the license it is not possible to save fils on the local disk.

This Problem occurs only with MM all other applications do not have any problems with the access to the folders and save the files without any problems.

Changes on the level of the "access rights" of the folders do not change the situation. However, it is possible to save the file on iCloud, the root directory or the public folder. If there are any issues with the access rights why does only MM has an issue and not any other application. Any changes of the access rights on different levels do not resolve the issue. Is it perhaps a license issue? The feedback from the license portal was "registered".

Do you have any idea why and what to do to resolve the problem?

Kind regards

Christian Lotze

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Hello Christian,

This is the first report of this behavior I have seen. Performing a complete uninstall/reinstall of the application may help, please follow the instructions here - How to completely uninstall MindManager for Mac

If that does not resolve the issue, open a case with MindManager Support here - MindManager Support

Best regards,