Add New Subtopic to Flowcharts Too So You Can Collapse and Maximize Processes

Scott S. shared this idea 2 years ago
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I'm trying to consolidate all of my processes into one file and understand that the Maps have the Subtopic, but the Flowcharts do not. It is really inconvenient when I have multileveled processes that take up screen space and are using the decision shape but also need to be consolidated. I have no + or - to reduce those multileveled processes down and if I were to switch over to Maps, I wouldn't have the decision shape which is really critical in my project management and mapping of tasks.

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This issue occurs because flowcharts and concept maps in MindManager are in effect made up of specially formatted floating topics which are linked by relationship lines. As such they are not tree-based maps and consequently don't have conventional branches; it would be difficult for MindManager to know which way to collapse the map the way it can with a traditional tree.

There are some limited workarounds. You could attempt to use a traditional map, as most of the flowchart and concept shapes are actually available under Topic Shape, though this approach would force a hierarchical model on the map.

Alternatively you can add conventional topics to a flowchart when you need them. Apply the relevant flowchart shape and build conventional trees underneath them. These trees would be collapsible but the layout options for subtopics under each "conventional" topic would be more constrained.


It would be a great idea to breaking up complex situations into several smaller component diagrams or subprocesses (under collapsed subtopic or maybe using the link object to move between the components). This helps to ensure that each component chart is clear when I’m building the model, it also helps me work through specific sub-processes or exception cases when I’m reviewing the details since it’s easier to focus on a single, relatively straightforward chart at a time.

The workaround that I've done is by utilizing Topic Notes. I attach screenshot picture(s) of subprocess and or component diagrams. It is a little bit inconvenient when it comes to modifying the particular subprocess or component diagram since I can't freely modify it and have to do it all over again.


While you can't get flowcharts to collapse either by themselves or when connected to a conventional sub-topic, you could set up the flowcharts as separate maps linked to the relevant topics in the main map. This is done more easily if you create the main map first and then use the Send Topics To command to send the relevant topic to a new linked map and use this as the starting point to create the flowchart.

If you have already created the flowchart maps you can either use the Add Link or Copy As Link commands to link the two, You can set up links at the map or topic level and you can also establish two-way links between maps, though MindManager does not make this as easy as it should be.

If you want to keep everything in one file, the MindManager MAP add-in from Olympic Limited has a facility to convert linked files into attachments.