Option to fade non-matching topics when filtering HTML5 exported maps

Alex G. shared this idea 2 years ago
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In addition to the great proposals from Pieter for improvements to HTML5 map export and filtering, I would to suggest the above.

At the moment you have options to show, fade or hide topics that match the filter criteria. However, unless I've missed it, there isn't an option to show matching topics while fading rather than hiding non-matching topics.

This is something you can do with a normal unexported map; the same thing should be possible in an HTML5 map with the addition of a Fade/Hide Non-Matching Topics option to the filter menu.

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There is potentially a simple fix that would enable this.

MM21 has a set of options specifically for HTML5 export, including the ability to fade non-matching topics when filtering, as well as other useful features such as the ability to automatically fit content. Unfortunately these options don't appear to have any effect when publishing a map, even though a published and HTML5 exported map seem identical.

The solution therefore would be to just make the Export Options applicable to map publishing, as well as to HTML5 export.