How to allow ticking a task / checkbox in HTML or PDF exported file

Tim O. shared this question 57 days ago


I have a list of tasks next to the mind map, that I would like the person viewing the HTML export to be able to toggle on and off dynamically in their browser. The results/status of those tasks do not need to be stored anywhere, but simply retained until they refresh the HTML page.

Currently when I export my mind map to HTML or PDF, the task (check boxes) are readonly and I am not able to toggle them on or off.

How can I change this behaviour please?

I am using MacOS, with latest software version 13.


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Hello Tim,

All Content in HTML5 Exported and Published Maps are Read-only. If you want others to make changes to the Tasks information, they will need a trial or license for MindManager and access to the .mmap file.

Best regards,


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