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is there any way to create a more or less complex timeline in mindmanager fully automated using Excel as a database?

What we want to do is the following:

We identified workflows as well as responsibilities within our company and need to illustrate them. Since these are not finally yet and perhaps never will be, this needs to be dynamic as well as automated in a certain way.

Unfortunately the data is quite complex, it provides for instance information about working packages together with some meta information like "who is responsible and does what in advance" "who is responsible and does what afterwards" "which information is needed to perform work package" "which information is beeing delivered by work package" and so on. All these infos need to appear in a hierarchy corresponding to our companies structure. Finally I would like to import an .xlsm file and create the map automatically.

Since we tried that in MS Visio and are not finally satisfied whith the representation of the data we decided to give mindmanager a try because it looks much better.

Is the above described possible?

Thanks, Michael

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You can do that using the EXcel datamapper function under the advanced tab.

Once imported in MM you can siwtch to a timeline view.

Try it, maybe read the help or look on the website for a webinar on Excel datamapper for more options


Hi Michael,

with the Excel Data Mapper you can import data from Excel into MindManager. Here the data from the columns in Excel are imported as topics. You can also specify the level of topics. For each topic you can also import start- and due dates as well as data from Excel into properties or notes.


Dependencies like „do that afterwards“ can not imported but can be set up in the Gantt mode manually:


Resources and progress can be also set up manually or - if imported as notes/properties – via Smart Rules in menu Advanced:



I recommend to set up the Smart Rules after the Import or deactivate them before import.

In my example the projects looks like this with Smart Rules:


You can download the map above, the excel files and the Excel Data Mapper configuration with this link:

In this map you will also find the Excel file, the saved import configuration and the Smart Rules.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Jan


Hi Michael,

watch my video on Vimeo -

It's in German, but I think you'll understand it anyway.

Best, Andreas


Hallo Andreas,

irgendetwas sagt mir, dass ich mit dem Verständnis des Videos keine Probleme haben werde. Vielen Dank,




Hallo Michael, kannst mir gerne schreiben, wenn du dazu noch Fragen hast.

Lg Andreas