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Hello there---

I'm curious to hear from the community how they use MindManager.

  • Do you use it for 'one-off' diagrams and illustrations of processes, flows, etc.?
  • As a 'living file'? Used for, say, daily work items, Kanban?
  • If it's a living/dynamic use-case, do you have multiple files or a master file?

Here's the motivation for these questions & solicitation of feedback---

I've been using TheBrain & OneNote for keeping track of items; some of which change daily, others more as a knowledgebase. I suppose it's their 'save as you go' approach that I gravitate towards for these uses.

I've used MindManager more for illustration purposes, not as task/project/knowledge management tool ('living', dynamic uses).

But I think MindManager would fit the bill for these uses, too.

I work in higher education research administration--- a lot of what this entails is keeping track of dates, people, and their files. It's a lot of contract management.

I look forward to hearing from the community!

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Hello Mark

70% of my maps are project maps that get used daily or weekly as required. 20% of them are learning or "gather" maps which are more about gathering knowledge than taking action. Both of these types are used repeatedly and develop over time. The rest are occasional brainstorms, presentations or one-off maps for a specific task which eventually disappear over the horizon. MindManager is great for project maps and it usually works out best to have a 1:1 relationship between projects and maps. It gets a bit challenging when you want to view common information across multiple projects, e.g. if the same person or organisation appears in multiple maps. I have a single "daily dashboard" map that opens with MindManager, links to ongoing project maps, and includes some basic daily, weekly and monthly procedures to keep me on track.


Thanks, Nick! I appreciate your comments. I think I'll work on building a dashboard for my needs.


Hi Mark,

I use MindManager with "living-maps" to organize all my business task, like to-dos, ordering and planing.

For certifications like ISO we create and use knowlege-maps.

In the academic field I use conceptual-maps for scientific work and documentation

I stopped using OneNote years ago