Program Shut Down?

Wenzel K. shared this question 2 years ago

My program 13.2.204 shuts down every so often when I save my work. Opening it ip again then I have lost stuff previously saved????? This screen then appears, I close it, open the original just to find some notes etc is missing?? Very annoying!

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I suggest you contact technical support.


Hi Wenzel,

Meanwhile please follow the steps below to do clean install of MindManager 13.2.204:

  1. First uninstall /remove existing MindManager Mac 13 from your Application folder.
  2. Before you reinstall version 13.2.204, please download and run this application to fully wipe MindManager from your system.
  3. Next, reinstall MindManager (version 13.2) using the download link.
  4. Upon launching the software, you will be prompted to sign into version 13.2.

Please let me know if above steps helped resolving your issue.