How can I link maps or topics between maps so if I update the task in one, it updates in the other?

Niki R. shared this question 30 days ago
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I have two maps that have similar topics. One is laid out as summer plans, and the other is an overall planning map. I have some of the same topics on both. How can I link them so if I update it in one, it updates in the other? I have linked the topics (I think) across the maps, but when I update in one place, it doesn't update in the other. Is there a way to fix that?


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This is not a built-in feature of MindManager.

If you are using MindManager for Windows:

  • The Map Roll-up feature will insert / refresh copies of topics from linked maps, but does not synchronise back if you edit the top level map
  • The "Topic Tracker" add-in from Olympic Limited may do what you need

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