Match width variability and inconsistent length - bug?

Greg shared this question 32 days ago

I have 4 topics that I want to have the same width and all on one line.

All the permutations either squash up the topics or leave them unmatched.


1/ It is not clear what the difference is between a branch and topics in the drop-down options. Can we have a consistent approach with the naming?


What I have:


What I want to be done - done manually:


What I get when I choose branches or topics under match width


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To achieve what you require:

  • Click Format > Match Width > Reset all widths. (When I did this in your map it resets to the preferred topic size, which is the wrapped width)
  • Manually drag the right hand end of the longest topic (Accountable) to be the width you want. The widest topic is the reference for the others.
  • Select all the siblings in that group with a lasso and click Format > Match Width > Match Width for Selected Topics. This will set the width of all selected topics to match the longest.

A "branch" refers to a topic with subtopics and will adjust all the subtopics. In your map, the following are equivalent operations:

  • Selecting the four siblings (Responsible, Accountable etc.) and clicking Format > Match Width > Match Width for Selected Topics, and
  • Selecting the "Definitions" topic (branch) and clicking Format > Match Width > Match Width for Selected Branches.

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