Co-editing with clients (and associates)?

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I recently upgraded from a perpetual licence to a full one to be able to co-edit with clients and associates. Really disappointed that they cannot do this in either a brower or teams without them having a licence. Seems crazy since I am effectively selling mindmanager to them by letting them play with it. Why don't you offer a free contributors licence in exchange for their name and email? You would restrict them to edit only rights i.e. no mind map creation or saving.

You could then send them follow up emails to convert them to customers. Would seem a good pathway to growing the customer base more rapidly - and I would have happier clients and associates. Would be a win-win rather then the lose-lose that I am now locked into until I can downgrade again.

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Unless something changed - and that can happen - it is possible to co-edit with others that don't have a mindmanager license.

Ofcourse you need to have a co-edit license or MSTeams addin license for it.

I assume you know how to start a co-edit session, if not, check a video on the subject via the mindmanager site.

And ofcourse you - with the license- , need to start up a co-edit session and invite others to participate.

And ofcourse you are the one who stores the co-edited map on your (cloud) storage location.

And ofcourse you need to be present for others to co-edit.

It may be that you confuse Co-editing functionality, with the free read-only MindManager GO app.

That is read only, but it also includes the free SNAP app that eliminates the need for tools like Evernote, since it sends your notes direct to the SNAP queue of you or your team..


Something must have changed then.

I ran a test with an associate a couple of days ago. I created a mind map and published it. I invited him to a coediting session whilst we were on a zoom call together. He was asked to either sign in with his mindmanager credentials or sign up for a free trial - which he did not want to do at this time.

So I concluded that my upgrade was a waste of time and money.


You ran a test?

Maybe you missed the instructions? The first time is a bit confusing.

To co-edit you have to SHARE the map to your cloud store, like box, dropbox, google drive, onedrive, sharepoint, etc.

And next you click the co-edit button which is next to publish.

You mention Publish that is a different function (read only)

So I would suggest you check with Support, to find out the proper way to get you and your associate happy again.

There is a detailed instruction in HELP

Hope this works for you.


Ran another test today - and whilst the sign up screen appeared to my unlicenced co-editor there was an option on it to create an account. This they did and hey presto they could co-edit. Thanks for making me persevere!

Hopefully this will remain a free option for un-licenced co-editors. It certainly adds value to me (as a licenced subscriber) and will allow me to introduce others to the powers of mind manager.



I like how Miro has addressed this - publish a URL that allows others to co-edit without them needing a full account (they can create an account and I can purchase temporary license(s) for a period of time if I need to for more functionality - e.g. for a day, week, etc). The user-experience is so straightforward (just the URL) that there's no reason not to share/use the Miro board with others - I find if the other user(s) needs to jump through any hoops (e.g. create an account, etc) I find either it doesn't happen, or as the map-sharer I don't bother trying to share (as then it becomes 'another tool' to convince others to use)...


And that is exact how MindManager does it. Just an URL and ofcourse a free account to have access for co-editing. And if there is no need for co-edit, just an URL

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