After filtering all branches are selected

Philipp M. shared this question 2 years ago
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After applying a filter, all branches are selected. If one would like to e.g. change the end date of one branch/task, the change is applied to all automatically selected branches.

From our point of view this is a bug or at least a undesired feature. Can this be deactivated or solved by the technical support team?

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Hello Philipp

Only branches that match the filter are selected. Parent topics in a tree may also still be shown, but are not selected if they do not match the filter.

As far as I know, topics matching the filter are selected so that a common action can be taken with all of them (such as applying an icon), or so that the matching topics can be viewed in the tag or icon views. There may be other design reasons too.

If you click on any topic, the selection changes to that topic alone. This applies even if the topic is already selected. Is there a special reason that a single topic cannot be selected before continuing to work on the map?


Hello Nick,

Thank you very much for your quick reply!

I now better understand the benefit that all topics matching the filter are automatically selected. But in our team it mostly lead to undesired changes of all selected topics instead of only one. Because most people click directly e.g. on the date time picker to change the end date of only one topic. However, the end dates of all other selected topics change as well. It would be create if one could deactivate this automated selection of all topics after a filter.

And yes, it is possible to avoid this, by clicking on the whole topic or any free space first and then proceed with the changes. However, many people forget this. So to answer you last question: It is possible to select a single topic first.


Hello Philipp

Unfortunately I am not aware of a way to use filtering without also selecting all matching topics but would be interested to know if this is possible. It could be done with custom software, but this would not make anything easier because users would need to use a different feature instead of the built-in filtering tools.

It might be worth adding a suggestion in the Suggestions section in this community. One solution would be a button in the View tab that switches the selection of filtered topics on or off. It would need to work retrospectively rather than as a global setting, so that users who are filtering prior to using a tag or icon view are not prevented from using the view of selected topics.