Add right-click drop down functionality for "Level of Detail" to all levels of a map

Ron Y. shared this idea 2 years ago
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Here is what I believe is an idea to streamline workflow in MindManager and make navigating within a map easier, faster and more intuitive.

When a user right clicks on the "Central Topic", one is given an option to select "Level of Detail". This is a one click and move way to expand and collapse subtopics so easily.

When a user clicks on a "Subtopic", however, this funtionality is absent. This means that the user either has to navigate to the ribbon and the find the appropriate ribbon button or remember and press the combination of multiple keys for expanding and collapsing various levels. In either case, this is much more cumbersome than just having a right click menu option as in the Central Topic drop down options and contributes to loss of focus and impairs ease of use.

It would seem that adding drop down functionality for Level of Detail for all levels of a map would be easy to do and contribute to major ease of use and productivity gain. Everyone spends time navigating around maps and if a user has a large map, this is needed often.

Please consider adding the functionality described above to all levels of a map.

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I don't know if this is as easy to do for programmers as you think.

But I like the idea and it add's to user friendly working.


There is a short cut for that in the Windows version = CTRL + D

You can press it as often as you like. Works perfect