Slide Deck MM21.1 - does it really work?

Andreas L. shared this question 5 months ago
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I tried to create my first slide deck in MM21.1 😭

Who else is using this new feature? Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

My questions are:

  • Topics are not update in the deck! Why not?
  • During presentation you can't do any changes? Really?
  • Filter doesn't work in the presentation! This worked in the old version very good.
  • No export to PPT possible

What are your experiences?

Thank you

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Until now the only experience I have with it is by following the tutorial insinde MMvs 21.1 on slides.

And yes, I have seen some MM webinars where it was used. See the functionality, but missed the benefits if any.

So I will avoid it in my on-site trainings until I know what to do with it and why it may be better than exporting to PPT.


Hi Ary, I will avoid also 👍


Hi Andreas,

I agree with all your points. While the new slide deck feature is obviously a work in progress, its implementation so far leaves a lot to be desired.

What is unclear at first is that in effect there are now two slide systems in place in Mm2021. The new Slide Deck feature (which seems to be the default when you first start MM) creates a separate Map Deck file. As the the Help file states, any changes made in these are not reflected in the map (and vice versa).

However, you can still access what are now called "Map Slides" which are like the old slide system in that the slides are saved in the MM file and changes are synchronised between the map and the slides. You can change the default back to this system by going to File, Options, View and ticking the New Files have Map Slides enabled check box under Slides; to change the arrangement in the current map go to File, Info Map Settings and tick the Enable Map Slides check box under Slides.

To be frank, I can't work out where MindManager/Corel are going with the Slide Deck facility. The one advantage the decks have is that they can be exported or published as HTML5 maps, which as far as I can tell you can't do with Map Slides (you can however use Map Slides and then save them as a Slide Deck if you want to publish them). One possibility is there is a plan is to develop the Slide Decks feature as a form of standalone presentation, possibly with its own unique formatting and other features. If so, it has a long way to go before it can rival the likes of PowerPoint.

Also, this approach assumes that users will completely finalise maps and only then create slide decks, which is not how a lot of us work. Often the process is iterative, or you want to use the same base map with more than one presentation.

The inability to export to PowerPoint as an outline is also very frustrating. One workaround is to copy the parent topic in each slide, open a new slide PowerPoint and paste there. The topic and all subtopics should appear as text in the body of the slide. Unfortunately, while limited font features such as bold and italics will copied, the topic hierarchy will not, apart from subtopics being spaced (rather than tabbed) in.

This has to be done on a slide-by-slide basis; if you want to export a lot of slides to PP the only other option is to export the original map to Word as an outline and then import from there into PP (you can't do this from a Slide Deck as these can only be exported as HTML5 and OPML files). Both these approaches involve a lot of work and both are unsatisfactory.


Thank you Alex for your detailed answers.

I definitely agree with all your points, but one question remains "Why do I want to compete with PowerPoint when my core topic is generate and organize information?"

As I always say in my presentations and lectures.

If you whant to put your audience to sleep, give them a PPT

If you whant to awake your team and motivate them to create ideas, show them a MindManager map and start beiing innovate.

SlideDeck is for me the function I will never use.

It's a pity that the functions for project management and calculations didn't get an update.

Regards, Andreas