macro how to insert standard image from URL

Pieter v. shared this question 2 years ago
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When I work in the GUI and have selected a Topic, I can select a local image file or enter a URL to an image file.

When I create a macro to insert images, it only accepts local image files. So if I want to use web image files, I first have to download them before my macro can insert them into a Topic.

Do you understand my considerations and are they correct? Do you have an idea how to insert an image from URL without downloading it first?

All the best and Thanks a lot!

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Hi Pieter,

That's a good question for Nick, I've added him as a subscriber on this post to see if he can provide an answer.


Thanks Sia, and hello Pieter

Unfortunately you are correct. The method for adding a topic to an image accepts a file path only, so it must be downloaded locally before you can insert it to a topic.

I suspect that it is Windows that is downloading the image file from a URL, and not MindManager.

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