Facilitate the creation of "reverse maps" based on the Map Index

Alex G. shared this idea 3 years ago
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I only recently "discovered" something that I should have picked up ages ago - it is relatively easy to make a "reverse map" out of the Map Index simply by copying the Index and pasting it into a new map. Apart from being useful in its own right, this also makes exporting an index to Word a lot easier.

While this is fairly straightforward to do it could be made more accessible. All that is needed is an additional command on the Map Index Add menu called "Make Index Map" or similar. It would be even better if there was an option to select or deselect the marker and tag groups to be included or excluded in the export.

Ideally there would also be a way to nominate a map theme in making the reverse map. Finally, it would be great if the actual topics rather than the names of the topics could be included.

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I've posted an article on my blog on how to create reverse maps, what they can be used for and some of the limitations of this technique. https://sociamind.com/2021/07/04/mindmanager-reverse-mapping-and-exporting-the-map-index/