Enable copying of individual marker groups and topic lists as well as the whole Map Index

Alex G. shared this idea 2 years ago
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The ability to copy the whole Map index including topic names categorised by marker is very useful, however currently you cannot copy individual marker groups and their categorised topic lists. This is often overkill if you just want to export and work with the lists of topics from one or two marker groups, especially as fill and font colours and the associated topics are also exported.

If you try to copy an individual marker group (including Priority, Progress, Kanban, Tag or Icon groups, etc) all you will end up copying is the just set of tags or icons themselves. There should be two Copy options in the context menu when you right click on a marker group name - Copy Markers, and Copy Markers and Topics.

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I think this is already possible

Step 1


Step 2



Copy the needed marker-group firstif you want to copy markers and topics, go the Advanced menu, Select - Power select

choose the markers you need.


switch to the other map


Kind regards Andreas


Hi Andreas,

Yes, this will copy the topics and their markers, but when they are pasted in their new location they will just look like a filtered version of the original map. They won't be organised by the markers as they appear in the group, which is I'm after, and is what happens when you copy the whole index and paste it in a new map.

This is an example. I start with a map where a group of people have been assigned tags based on their artistic online/video interests. I want to turn this into a map where the people are grouped by these interests.

This is the base map:970196aa31ef2e3e9cfd7661ac57a136

The Marker Group in the Map Index looks like this:


I want to be able to copy just this group and paste it in a new map. This will be structured by the interests, like this:


As I said, this happens now when you copy the Map Index and paste it in a new map or elsewhere. However, you have to copy the whole Index (in the case of this map there was only one active marker group in the Index, so that's all that was copied). All I am after is the ability to do this on a group by group basis.



I support your idea 👍 very helpful


Thanks Andreas.

As an addition - or an alternative - I would like the ability to include or exclude individual marker groups when copying the whole Map Index. One approach could be that when you click on Copy Index you get a checklist of all the groups with the default being that all groups are ticked.

Having said that, however, the current situation isn't too bad provided you are copying the index to a new map and the only groups you are trying to exclude are those where no marker has been assigned in the source map. These groups won't be copied and the only superfluous groups will be fill and font colours which are easy enough to delete in the new map. The real problem occurs when you have a large map with lots of custom marker groups only some of which you want to copy.

Incidentally I've discovered that if you want to create a Word document from the Map Index it's much easier to do this via a map rather than directly. If you just do a copy from the Index and then paste it straight into Word the heading structure isn't created; all you get is space indenting of the lower-level topics. If you go via a map you can of course set the hierarchy in the MM to Word export process. The same applies if you want to go to Excel.