How do I keep the mindmap that I am reviewing read-only?

Jonah H. shared this question 8 days ago

Hi, I want to be able to keep the mindmap that I am reviewing read-only while I'm reviewing it.

Problem is, when I expand branches or collapse branches that were previously not expanded, the software assumes that I am making a change.

I only want it to detect that I am making a change only after I change a text or picture or something like that.

Because I think expanding a branch or collapsing it, does not constitute a change.

I'm complaining about this because more often than not, after I expand the branches or collapse them, I'm not sure whether I have made any real changes or have accidentally made a change or worse, deleted something.

So is there a way to switch from read-only to writable, within the software?

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Hi Jonah,

in the menu File -> Info you have the possibility to encrypt you map. Here you can set a password to open the map in read mode and a password to edit it.

Another possibility is also Content Control, which you will find also in men File -> Info. Content Control offers another option. Here you can specifically allow what you can or cannot change when opening the map.

I hope this information was helpful.


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