Add a facility to easily import and map a list of URLs

Alex G. shared this idea 3 years ago
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MindManager needs a simple way to import and map a list of URLs. These include browser bookmark/favourites, lists of links on websites and online product lists, as well as lists of online references developed by users.

Importing such a list usually results in the links being turned into a map in which the URLs become topic names without the links being live. Instead, the map should include the URLS as topic names with the actual links being added to each topic. I have developed a workaround to do this but it is complex and requires the use of Word and Excel - Turning URL lists into mindmaps: MindManager 2021 update | Sociamind

This is something that MindManager should be able to do easily, either (ideally) directly, or via Word import. There should also be a facility to export these lists as Word and Excel files as well as in HTML format for direct import into browser favourite/bookmark lists.

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See also my proposal to widen the data options the Excel Data Mapper can handle when importing spreadsheets to include hyperlinks. This is potentially a simpler alternative to direct import than the Word option.