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Julien C. shared this question 12 days ago

I want to create an interdependence link with macro functionnalities.

With the function x.AllRelationships.AddToTopic(CurTopic), it's create a link but not a specific link.

How to define interdependence link (difference kind : end/start, start/end, start/start, end/end)? add CustomDataContainer information, CustomDataProperties, others...?

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The Dependency type on a Relationship is a custom attribute.

Attributes Namespace: ""

Attribute: "DependencyType"

Attribute values: "StartToStart", "StartToFinish", "FinishToStart" and "FinishToFinish"

You can use Relationship.HasAttributeNameSpace() to check for existing attributes, and Relationship.Attributes to read or set values.

The direction of the relationship also matters. There should be only one arrowhead, pointing at the dependent task.

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