Preserve selection when changing to Map View from Icon or Tag views

Nick D. shared this idea 2 years ago
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When changing back to the Map View after editing a map in Tag or Icon views, the previous selection in Map View is restored. The selection in Tag or Icon views is lost.

When returning to Map View, I almost always want to continue to edit the last topic I was working on in Tag or Icon views. This would allow me to find an issue in Tag or Icon view then switch back to its context in the map to resolve it.

Maybe as well as the "Map View" button, there could be a "Show selected Topic in Map View" button (similar to "Show selected Topic(s) in Tag View)". This would make switching views more symmetrical.

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This would be very useful to me - I use the kanban view to see what I should be working on, and I would like to switch to the map view and see the task in context.