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Lyn C. shared this question 12 months ago
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I used MindManager years ago and it was possible to export to a powerpoint as text, with the categories as headers and the sub topics as bullet points. I can't find that functionality now. Is it still available?

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No, I am afraid this has been replaced by the internal Slides Presentation functionality

The only way I can think of to get your transfer to ppt done is via an export to MS-Word and then to PPT.


Ary is right and in my opinion this is a real loss. As I commented in this thread https://community.mindmanager.com/topic/121-export-of-slides-to-powerpoint-is-not-an-option-why it seems that in rewriting the export feature MindManager has gone to a lot of trouble to maintain and enhance its facilities to turn out Word and Excel files and the program can also still talk to Outlook. However, PowerPoint support was dropped entirely for some reason.

As Ary indicated you can set up an export to PP via Word, but it’s much harder to select specific topics or topic groups as slide content. I’ve come up with the following circuitous workaround:

  1. Select the topics you wish to use. making sure you have selected all subtopics you want to appear as well as the parent topics. You can filter for these, or simply use right click/Ctrl to select the topics manually. If you use a filter, check that the Hide Non-Matching Topics option is selected.
  2. If you have selected topics manually, click on Filter, Show under View on the ribbon. Check that the Hide Non-Matching Topics option is selected, then click on Selected Topics. All topics apart from those selected and their parents should no longer be visible.
  3. Start the Word export process. Select Custom export, and then Filtered topics. Select the other options you wish, but at the end of the process choose a Word .docx template (avoid .dotm templates because sometimes in my experience the export will fail).
  4. When the export process is complete you should have a Word document with the topics and subtopics shown as headings and sub-headings based on the Word template heading style defaults. Review this document to edit out any unwanted parent headings, then save and close it and open PowerPoint.
  5. In PowerPoint, start a new presentation then click on the drop down menu under New Slide. Click on Slides from Outline then select the Word document you exported from MindManager. You will probably have to do some editing on the resulting slides, though PowerPoint does a reasonable job if the original map structure wasn't too complex (a tip - try to avoid exporting topic notes when using this method, especially long ones).


Thank you both for the suggestion. I will give it a try. I do agree with you the ppt export is a real loss. I used it all the time... organize your thoughts in the tool, export to a ppt and pretty it up and its a huge time saver.

Thank you for the advice@


Hi Lyn,

There is more discussion of this in this thread https://community.mindmanager.com/topic/121-export-of-slides-to-powerpoint-is-not-an-option-why in which I've come up with a simpler workaround.