Paste dates to Task Info and topic from clipboard

Andrey K. shared this idea 2 years ago
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Do you think it would be nice to have an option to paste dates to Task Info and topic from clipboard?

Currently, this is not possible and MM forces users to input date(s) manually.


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In principle, yes. In practice however there would be issues about the date format, depending on where you were copying from. The MAP add-in from Olympic Limited has a task painter attribute which allows you to apply all the attributes on on task to another task.


I agree.

The basic option: leave the correct date format as a user responsibility and do nothing in case of a mismatch during paste.

An advanced option: MM could internally and silently convert the date to the effective format before pasting from the clipboard.


The latter option might be a bit optimistic, given the sheer number of date formats.

I think a compromise would be to allow dates to be pasted in that were written in the default short date format for the region set in the operating system.

Incidentally MindManager’s own date format seems to be [yyyy,mm,dd], ie, [2021,05,27]. I wrote an article a few years ago on how to import a list of tasks complete with start/due dates, priority, etc from Word into MM, but I need to revise this because of the changes since (particularly in MM 21). I don’t think however that there is an easy workaround just to paste task dates.