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Carrie A. shared this question 2 years ago
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I'm looking for a template with long, curvy lines. The radial map is to restricted. I saw the one with long lines in a training video but I don't know what it's called.

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I assume you have MindManager vs 21 for windows.

Look for Organic Layout in the help.

Change the general layout of the map The General Layout options are only available if you have the central topic selected. These options apply to the entire map. You can only set these options in Map View.

  1. Select the central topic.
  2. On the Format tab, click the Object Format dialog launcher. Or, click the Topic Shape arrow and select Format Topic.
  3. On the General Layout tab, choose the desired attributes for the map.

  • Organic appearance makes the main topic connecting lines look more like hand-drawn lines.
  • Display shadow adds a shadow to the topic connecting lines and topic shapes.
  • Main Topic Line Width controls the thickness of lines connecting the central topics and main topics.
  • Main Topic Spacing controls the spacing between the main topics.|
    Click the Map Theme button if you wish to save these settings as theme defaults for this map, or re-set the topic's formatting to the default formatting from the theme.

That gives you curvy lines.

I don't know what you mean by -long- lines.


Ary, thank you for your help. I finally got around to doing this and I got as far as opening the Object Format dialog launcher and then selecting the General Layout tab. However I don't see "Organic Appearance" as an option. I see the other 3 you listed but nothing for "Organic." What am I missing? I just bought the software last month (yes, 21 for windows) so I'm not sure why I can't see that one crucial part. Thanks for your help.


Ofcourse this is a matter of taste....

I use a curved line setting for this.

And I set the thickness for Organic

And I drag the topics a bit away from the central topic with the small white circles, that turn balck when used/