What affects fonts and font size in the filteritems in published maps?

Alf C. shared this question 12 months ago

Publishing maps is a nice tool to share ideas and also as teaching material in school and university.

But, at least on my computer, filters on links and other materials published in right panel has so small fonts that those need strong enlarging glasses to be made big enough to be readable

So, where in the Windows 10 setup affects those fonts??f614e0b85af6cd15fa0a6642cec56034

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Hi Alf,

It is currently not possible to change the text size in the inspector pane for published files.

Here are some suggestions that might work for you:

1) Use the browser's zoom

Most browsers have a zoom feature, for example in Edge you can access it in the menu by clicking the 3 dots, this will enlarge everything including the UI and the map itself.


2) If you have link titles ON in the topic info display settings you can see the list of links on the topic and use the map zoom to make the link text on the topic larger.


Hope that helps your eyes!