Make Snap faster to use from the keyboard

Nick D. shared this idea 2 years ago
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Speed is everything. I would like to have settings on the Snap client that allow me to:

  • Send the snap with the Enter key instead of clicking a button. Line breaks in topic texts and notes could still be inserted with Ctrl+Enter if I choose to send with the Enter key.
  • Choose what happens when a Snap is posted: either enter another Snap, or close the client. I don't want to have to choose every time or click an acknowledgement.

  • Also:

    • The Topic Text field should be selected by default when creating a new text Snap, so that I can start typing straight away.
    • It would be better if the Tab key moved the selection from the Topic Text to the Topic Notes fields instead of going via the other controls first.
    • Pressing the Enter key when the "Congratulations" message is displayed and the "Send More" button is highlighted just resends the previous snap. I have to click on the button with the mouse to actually create a new Snap.

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    These are great suggestions Nick!