For MAC_How to Arrange topics in an unstructured format, no little dot appear?

Piyadej E. shared this question 2 years ago

There is no a little among the sub-topic to free-force arrange in my layout.

How to figure out?

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HI Piyadej,

Are you talking about adding floating topic inside map and move around without getting attached to structured map? If Yes then you can insert a floating topic from Topics dropdown list inside Insert ribbon menu or by double clicking on mapping canvas and in order to move it around without getting snapped to a topic, choose Sift + Select floating topic and move around.

If you are talking about converting a topic into flowchart topic inside structured map then you can achieve that by adding floating topic and then change it’s layout to Flowchart by navigating to Inspector pane> Format> Style > Layout> choose Flowchart


Once the topic layout converts to flowchart it will appear as below


If you are talking about little dot between the Central Topic and Main topics (the first level topics) which you can click and hold to move it around , Its shows below:

f7e6a8add99f6d733b85f1250148ae1aPlease let me know if above information answers your question.