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Bruce Scott shared this question 10 days ago
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I would like to create a new map template based on the new Strategyzer (tm) - based "Team Alignment Map" - TAM - (note that Strategyzer are the creators of BMC - Business Model Canvas).

So what kind of base map template should be used and how do I create the frame (lanes...) for the map to work in?

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You can start with a blank map template, and use the Central Topic for the Team / Project / Mission title.

A "Vertical Swimlanes" background shape under the central topic would be a good starting point. Column titles can be inserted by selecting the column and right-clicking.

Items can then be placed in the columns as topics. Perhaps instead of using the radio button graphic for the clarity, explicitness, availability and control ratings, you could use icons and/or colour coding on each of the topics in the column to indicate their status. This would give you better insight into which of the items need more work.


Thanks Nick. I have tried your suggestion and it an extent. I discovered the floating background - to make it fit with the central topic, and the ability to lock/unlock the background image. But of course the image does not automatically adjust to the size of the map elements, and manually resizing the background image works to an extent, but then becomes unmanageable. Suggestions on how to handle that?


Hello Bruce. SmartShapes not automatically expanding to accommodate newly dropped topics is a known issue. But if you use a "Swim Lane" SmartShape, you can right-click on the border and ensure that "Topic Container" is checked. This means that when you resize it, existing floating topics will stay in their lanes, making life a little easier.

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