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It's a great fuction which I use to get a overview for informations from SAP system with the options from Mindmanager (smart rules,...).

The only problem - it's only a overwiew possible for the moment when the Excel sheet was created. In a project which runs over months, it' necessary to look every week what happen or most importent what not happen.

The Excel Data Mapper in a existing map overwrite all existing informations when its started again.

My solution:

1. I create a map with Excel Data Mapper, every branch gets a tag with the date and use the other Mindmanager functions and save it

2. Next week I run the Excel Data Mapper, every branch gets a tag with the date and save the map with a new name.

3. Manually I open both maps and arrange the new tasks through the old version of the task

By this way I get a overview over the timeline of the tasks.

But this is annoying, error-prone and time-consuming.

Please vote for a automatically function for the excel Data Mapper which included the functions I done manually.

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a little example....

- by the colour you can see the status of every week,

- if the colour doesn't change it's still in work ...somethimes too long:-)

- green its ready

- if it's doesn't go forward and I can attache the e-mails by clarifyingso its easy to hold the overview in one tool MINDMANAGER