Option to hide rolled-up percent complete values in the Map Index

Nick D. shared this idea 2 years ago
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The indexing of percent complete values that have been calculated from task rollup can be confusing, if you are using the Map Index as a to-do list for the map. An incomplete leaf task causes multiple parent tasks to also be indexed in the progress group, sometimes with unnamed intermediate values. But topics with task rollup data are not tasks that can be actioned.

It would be clearer to have an option to hide roll-up tasks in the index, in the same way that we can hide completed tasks. The hiding of completed tasks is designed to help use the Map Index as a to-do list, which is a handy feature.

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I am working with a large map with many tasks to produce a gant chart. I am at the end of the project and want to go through and find any incomplete tasks that need finishing off - There are some things I know that will not be completed now. It is difficult to see the actual tasks in amongst the roll up parent tasks.