Gantt Pro Data Grid

Robert Holguin shared this question 12 days ago

In Gantt Pro, how can I print the data grid only with the formatting as it is presented (row colors). Also can we export the data grid only with the formatting as presented?

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The print function will print either the chart, or the chart with the grid. There is no option to print only the grid.

As you have probably found, you can get a CSV export of the grid under Export > Export Reports > Grid Report > Save to file. This can be opened with Excel, but does not contain the topic fill colours.

As a partial workaround, you could export the image of the grid and chart, and crop the chart off it when embedding into another document.


Another option is to use something like Snagit to take a screen shot just of the grid. This has the advantage that you will end up with a slightly higher resolution image.

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